Style, in time

I was going to write about fringes. FRINGES! Imagine that, a whole post about fringes! But as we’re on the subject of growing up (I say we, it’s me isn’t it, all me, ploughing on bloody-mindedly hoping you come along for the ride) I thought I would share a thing I have been thinking about today. Style.
It has taken me an eternity to work this one out. Style is, I think, a thing that for most comes with age. Of course there are exceptions, people who are born with the ability to look wonderful. But for me, it has comes gradually, with the passage of time and the gaining of a little wisdom and the slow acceptance of the person you are and the skin you were born in.
Fashions, trends, this season, the next, they fleet into our lives and out again and then in again. And again. And we’re not all Cara Delevigne are we, in our crop tops, all severe ponytails and power eyebrows and killer cheekbones?? I realise now that me and trends do not a marriage make. No. Fashion chuckles at me. I have tried for a long time, have bought the latest must-have from Topshop and Zara, have clambered into them and paraded out of the door with the sinking realisation that although I should feel I million dollars, I do not. They are just not me. I would not look sublime in the latest Lagerfeld.
Style is subtler I think, an entirely individual thing. Like a boggart (strong cultural reference there Harry Potter fans!) that knows you from within but has gone rogue and reflects back to you the style that is all your own. As I have come to accept, since Blake burst into our lives two and a half years ago and my clothing budget disappeared along with my frenzied need to buy Grazia each week, style is about you. Simple works for me. Simple cuts, simple colours, little details. Today I wore a plain purple dress, bought for a Wedding four years ago, with a navy belt that is centuries old and plain nude shoes. It wasn’t remotely of the moment but for me, it worked.
Pictured are the three pieces of jewellery I wore with it. The necklace, bracelet and charm were all gifts for my 30th, pieces that friends picked out specifically for me. The earrings were given to me on my 18th Birthday by my oldest friend. In the years since, I have grown into them. All three have become part of my style and I treasure them.
And so, in my 30th year, I have made the decision that I will try to be true to myself and my own style. I will wear simple. When I have money to spend on clothes I will take my time and buy a piece that suits me. I will try to age stylishly.
All got a bit serious there didn’t it? Shall we all have a drink? Any men still with me? No?? Coming soon: fringes!

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One thought on “Style, in time

  1. Style is definitely something that you either get or don’t. I agree though it should be something for you and that we all shouldn’t be herded like cattle to the “next in thing”.

    Good read sis!

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