Today is the day: Weds 9th July 2014

I am desperately tired. Blake is waking in the night. Not for long, and not onthehoureveryhour, but enough to disturb us. James has not had a day off work since we returned from holiday on June 15th, so I am full time mummy-daycare at the moment. This cannot be helped and is lovely but nonetheless draining when your child’s favourite games are 1. chase me 2. dodge the heavy toys I chuck at you 3. fathom how to deal with this super tantrum. And of course James is completely exhausted so I cannot settle in the evenings until I know he is home safe and have mopped his brow and applied cold compresses to his forehead and chanted manically ‘THIS TOO SHALL PASS’ in an encouraging manner. And then we were up until 1am on Tuesday morning thanks to the pissing fridge-freezer giving up the ghost (see Thought for the Day).
It is like walking through a fog, this tiredness. Like l had a thimbleful of wine for breakfast and am on the deck of a ship battling through turbulent seas, desperately searching for a vending machine that will dispense Diet Coke and a hug. I fear I may resort to chewing Berocca.
Here is a list of ridiculous things I have done today in my dazed state:
1. Missed my mouth entirely and tipped a huge forkful of greasy potato down my front
2. Driven my car into a kerb on four separate occasions
3. Taken three attempts to park said car
4. Uttered these words: “By making this effortless, we will drive down customer effort, which will reduce customer dissatisfaction. This will make customers much more satisfied.”
5. Overshared. Horrifically.
6. Screeched loudly as I walked into a paper football decoration hanging from the ceiling
7. Called my child ‘babes’
8. Forgotten to flip the switch on the taps that diverts the water to the shower and drenched myself trying to run Blake a bath.
I know I am not alone. It is part of life to be tired, and I know you will especially be feeling it if you are working nights, or a parent, or an insomniac or any other number of things. I know. I just wanted to be the voice of camaraderie, so you know that you are not the only one sucking it up and marching on. Me, myself and I sympathise from the bottom of our palpitating, caffeine flooded hearts.

dazedandmumfused is on Twitter @dazednmumfused and Instagram: dazedandmumfused


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