Today is the day: Fri 11th July 2014

I was given a freebie volumising shampoo and masque treatment for my hair recently. Despite having hair thicker than boat rope, this morning seemed like the prime time to give it a whirl (I’m tired ok? I cannot be held responsible for any decisions I make). It’s really very effective. I will look like Toad from Super Mario Brothers for the rest of the day.


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5 thoughts on “Today is the day: Fri 11th July 2014

  1. Yesterday, 15 mins before Skype conference, decided to try a set & peel face mask. Had to pretend Skype was broken & just ring in instead…

  2. Unlikely that Sian could ever resemble a toad – whenever I decide to give healthy a chance, which is infrequent, I always have spots, while the spot is doing it’s thing Touche Éclat is a good camouflage.

  3. I’m 37 and still get occasional spots, think of it as still being youthful although I can’t say I have seen you with any. x

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