What is it with spots? I started today, daubing on my makeup, thinking that actually the Week Of Misery I am subjecting myself to (no sugar, limited meat and dairy, limited caffeine = less of a bloater or that’s the theory) was actually HOLY MOLY reaping dividends. I thought my skin looked not too shabby.
But then over the course of the day, a thing appeared on my chin. It appears to be competing in size with Mount Snowdon. It is literally weighing my face down, making me slack jawed and in danger of face-planting into my roasted Aubergine with Bulgar *sobs* dinner.
And what is one to do with a truly terrifying spot? I am concerned it may have its own personality by tomorrow morning.
Dabbing on some facemask and leaving it overnight? Tricky considering my only option is a Superdrug Mudd mask circa 1998.
My Mum told me during my teenage years that aftershave was the way to go, so I merrily sloshed a load on a particularly nasty blighter on my forehead (before I had the fringe) and ended up with a chemical burn. And let me tell you, no amount of Seventeen make up will cover one of those up for you.
Sudacrem? Not so appealing given Blake’s recent bout of nappy rash.
Toothpaste! There us definitely a thing about whacking some toothpaste on it and leaving for a while. Toothpaste shall be my remedy!


Note out of control fringe. Will take kitchen scissors to it while toothpasting.

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