Spider chasing

We had a very jolly night of Spider-chasing here last night, which has extended into the morning. Apologies in advance to my friend Sara for this post – maybe just stop reading now.

He is a big chap, this Spider, maybe the size of a small kitten or a football, and I was alerted to his presence on top of a Postman Pat van at roughly 9pm last night (which is the DREAM for a Thursday night as we all know) by Blake, who found the ensuing 10 minutes of chasing ‘Mr Skinny Legs’ around the nursery with a pint glass extremely amusing and cheered me on with gusto. Eventually Spider scuttled off under the wardrobe and I gave up.

Until I needed the bathroom some time in the early hours and he literally jumped down the stairs in front of me, clicking his eight heels together and singing a little Spider song.

And then this morning, as he tap danced across the bedroom floor.

And 20 minutes later as he shot across the landing giggling and flicking the Spider Vs at me. Blake actually waved to him.

I mean this Spider no harm, I simply hope to rehome him with his Spider friends in the garden. Just as soon as i’ve caught the bugger.

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One thought on “Spider chasing

  1. Invest in a spider catcher from Lakeland – and for those of us suffering from Arachnophobia ( twas I that pleaded with Lakeland to produce it ) there is an extension!

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