Today is the day: Tues 19th August 2014

My day started like this:


I kid thee not. Blake cried in the night, which was apparently enough to rouse me out of my snoring, dribbling, warthoggy state and trigger a round of sleep facebooking. I came to, phone in hand, logged onto Facebook, staring at a Jezebel article about a missing model in NYC. What the actual funk.

And ended like this:

Scalded, shredded roof of mouth from a slice of pizza.

Probably Karma’s payback for eating like a pig over the weekend and not immediately resorting to the week of misery (see here) but instead choosing a meaty, cheesy extension of my loutish gluttony.

If our generation is as I keep reading, doomed, based on today I would say I am its trophy girl.


dazedandmumfused is on Twitter @dazednmumfused and Instagram: dazedandmumfused


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