Today is the day: Fri 5th September 2014

I sense the Time-of-Vegan is drawing to an end. After days of fingernail chewing red-meat cravings, I am waiting for my local fruit and veg AND MEAT delivery person (if you live in or around Harborne check out Mr Robinson – they’re ever so lovely and very reasonable) to arrive with STEAK AND POTATOES.

And in the interim, Waitrose have rocked up with my food order complete with a massive pot of PROPER YOGHURT that I snuck onto the order yesterday morning at about 8am, all rabid-eyed dairy desire, and it as much as I can do to type this post and not sit here on my couch in my tracky bottoms, eating it out of the pot with my fingers. HELP ME.

I am sorry fellow Vegans. Seems it is approximately two and a half months in that the will-power fails and capitulation is a bright, beautiful, meat and dairy and EGG RUNNY EGG temptress. Well done for battling through but I am just a fool bound to my stomach and I am at the point of surrender.

And also, THANK YOU OH THANK YOU Waitrose Harborne for your policy of employing helpful, charming, pretty young men to deliver my miserly £60.01-to-get-the-free-delivery shop each Friday evening. It is such a super policy. Two thumbs up.

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