We interrupt this blog to bring you a recipe: Mon 8th December 2014

I write with another unexpected kitchen triumph. Potatoes are, in my humble opinion, the best carb out there. Pasta, bread, rice, cous cous (even GIANT cous cous which I have recently found to be a rather nice thing when cooked with Chorizo) pale into insignificance for me when stood next to a spud. So versatile! So cheap! And really one of the best comfort foods going.

So there I stood the other evening, at about 8pm, after a long day with Blake (blog to follow no doubt) honestly contemplating just reheating his rejected meal of fish fingers, chips and peas (rejected because I DARED to put the peas on the same plate and therefore contaminated the whole meal) for my own dinner. And in the absolute nick of time I realised that that was a completely ridiculous thing to do because I am a GROWN WOMAN and dashed to the freezer and found a salmon portion, and rifled around the store cupboard and found pesto and a bag of sorry looking mini potatoes.

And in a blur of fish-finger-avoiding delirium and unexpected ‘creativity’ *did not follow a recipe* I came up with this princely little plan for the potatoes which was absolutely delicious. Although it was only me eating it, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

If James was authoring this recipe he would probably title it something like ‘Crushed Mini Maris Pipers’ but then James is a Gods-honest, bloody amazing Chef and I am just an idiot with a potato masher.

So then…

Crispy bashed up little spuds

Stick a pan of salted water on high heat and once it’s boiling, chuck in your potatoes.

Bubble away until they are about al dente but not mushy.

Drain em off and then bash em about with a potato masher (skins on, no butter or anything, just as they are).

Once bashed, pop a frying pan on a medium heat and slosh in some olive oil. Dollop in the bashed up spuds, throw in a bit of sea salt and fry away gently.

Do go gently here, you want it partially crispy not burnt to buggery. I had to slosh in a bit more oil twice, and a pinch more salt to get it to a point where it had turned golden and crispy but there were still some soft, fluffy bits too.

Eat it.


I reckon if you fried off some finely chopped bacon and added this in it would be lovely. Maybe a bit of dried oregano or basil. Or some creme fraiche or a bit of Parmesan. I suspect the possibilities are vast.

Then again, lovely as is, served with some baked Salmon and pesto and steamed peas.

Bashing marvellous.

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