Today is the day: Thurs 1st January 2015

Oh hi there 2015. Happy New Year. Hope you enjoyed whatever your chosen celebrations were – we’ll gloss over the rather chronic attack of heartburn that happened here and left me pacing the house shortly after midnight whilst my husband was doubled over on the floor complaining about tightness in his chest. All is well thank goodness.

And I write, smugly, having already smashed one of my resolutions! I spent the last two New Years Days in a very sorry state having over indulged on nice wine in a flurry of you’re-no-longer-21-you-haggered-moron forgetfulness and was adamant I was not making that mistake again. And here I am, fresh faced (alright, tired looking) and bright eyed with not a headache in site. #virtualroundofappluase

Which puts me in a positive frame of mind for Resolutions. For the past few years, if anyone asked about NYReses (as I’m cribbing them), I adopted a harassed expression and muttered, like an arse, that I was a working Mother and had neither the time nor the inclination for such silliness. What an idiot. This year, I feel quite differently about them, because I feel like they are an opportunity to be realistic about changes I can make that will make things better. And so I’m sharing them here to set me on track for this year.

1. I will not get smashed on New Years Eve, make a dick of myself and spend the first day of 2015 hating myself

2. I will continue trying to live well. This means making healthy choices 80% of the time. I would hope I’ll be able to crack running this year but if my tired old knees decide that is not to be I will continue to fit in the exercise I can around the free time I have. And I will continue to have a sensible approach to food – to cook for us whenever possible and live by the mantra that if it’s cooked from scratch and does not have a load of additives and preservatives squashed into it, it’s generally a good option even if there’s a bit of cheese or red meat or whatever in it.

3. I will go with home-made where I can. Home-made Christmas was much more of a slog than I’d anticipated. I burned serious midnight oil getting it all prepared and packaged and distributed out to friends and family. I was exhausted (what’s new?) and adamant I wasn’t doing it in 2015. But then people received their gifts, and loved them, and virtually everyone commented on the fact they were thoughtful. And it felt really nice to give something a bit different, that meant something to people, and so I’d like to try and keep going with it this year. (This involves learning to crochet). Here are some pictures of my Christmas wares: *smugface*





4. Which leads me nicely to this: I will run my house better, be more organised and free up some time (to crochet!) At the moment it’s all a bit haphazard – things get done but I always feel a little bit like chaos is nipping at my heels. I’ll do things a bit differently – little things like always emptying the dishwasher in the morning, doing a wash every day rather than neglecting it on work days and then drowning under it at the weekends, and planning out meals for the week.

5. Where I can’t do homemade, I will wherever possible try to support Independents rather than lining the velvet pockets of national/multinationals. For Christmas, I bought a few pieces from the brilliant Clare Gets Crafty, and it was lovely to support a small, local business and gift some lovely, quality, unique things.


6. I will continue stumbling along, trying to be a good Mum and the Mum Blake deserves.

7. Lastly, I will wear more lipstick. Because everyone should have a frivolous NYRes! I’ve always been a bit scared of lipstick – it’s seemed too grown up for me, but I bought a nice MAC Red one in duty free on the way to Singapore and I have trialled it out recently and found two things 1) people do not gawp at you like you are an alien if you were lipstick to take your child to the park, 2) I feel a bit better, a bit less like my face will scare small children, with a bit of lipstick on. Forgive the shallowness, but it’s nice to have a little pep-me-up when you’re tired and wrinkled.

Whether you’re NYRes-ing or not, I wish you the best for 2015. X

dazedandmumfused is on Twitter @dazednmumfused and Instagram: dazedandmumfused


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