We interrupt this blog to bring you a recipe: Fri 9th January 2015

I’ve been feeling mightily sorry for myself this week. I have a recurring neck problem that cripples me for days at a time, and have spent the majority of this week drugged up to the eyeballs, hobbling round like Gollum, on the verge of tears with a heat pack duck taped to my neck.

It’s been a pretty horrible week in general with the Charlie Hebdo attack. I can’t even begin to figure out how to write about this. I am horrified by it, but also feel hopeful at the dignified, sensible reactions from people the world over. And we’ll just ignore the right wing f*ckwit brigade who use any terror attack as an excuse for racism, bigotry and ignorance shall we? Everyone good with that? If not please just piss off.

Anyway, in the Week of Rubbish, this little recipe has been a small, insignificant triumph in the ongoing battle to get Blake to eat a more varied diet with some sort of vegetable content. And so I am sharing it for all the Mums out there quietly fretting about their child’s eating habits.

Blake and I are locked in a constant power struggle over food but this went down like a chocolate bar and won me multiple mummy points. I think I may have cribbed the base recipe off something on Twitter from some time back, so if it’s yours then thanks for planting the seed and I acknowledge that the copyright for this does not belong to me.

Fussy-toddler ‘pie’

Peel and chop up a jacket spud. Shove it into a pan of boiling water, wait til soft, mash with whatever the hell you like (butter AND cream here because the fatty in me adores the fact you can get away with cooking with such things for a child) and set to one side. Or if clever, do this whilst doing the below. I am not clever enough for such multi-tasking.

Take one smallish red onion. Hack it in half and chop/throw a sharp knife at it until it is blitzed into smithereens. Or just a size that your fussy toddler will tolerate.

Shove a pan on the hob at medium heat with a bit of oil. Smugface over here used coconut oil because ALL THE HEALTH.

Peel and grate a small carrot.

Grate half a small courgette.

Shove the veg into the pan and cook out gently until soft.

Cut a reduced salt Oxo cube in half. Question why you bothered cutting it as it disintegrates. Crumble about half the cube over the veg and then wang in enough double cream to cover the lot.

Let it bubble for a few minutes as you realise you forgot to turn the oven on.

Turn oven on to 200 deg.

Throw into the creamy veg mess whatever frozen veg you feel like. Peas and sweetcorn here. Cook out until no longer frozen – only takes a couple of minutes.

Now – this next step will depend very much on your attitude to the combination of toddler + salt. If you do not expose your child to salt, STOP READING NOW and skip to the next line. Or, if you want to add a little bit of seasoning into the creamy looks-a-bit-like-vomit mixture, season to whatever level you are comfortable with. I did a little grate of pepper but no salt due to already having used stock.

Transfer mixture to a oven-proof bowl.

Slop mash onto the top, spread out obviously EVER SO NEATLY and stick in the oven for about 15 – 20 mins until it is bubbling and mash turns golden.

Serve to your child and watch in amazement as they eat something nutritious.

I think you could easily throw in some diced chicken or fish, or lentils, to up the protein quota.

*internal high-five*

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