Today is the day: Thurs 12th February 2015

Today I fell over at work. In itself this is embarrassing, but the fact it was in the middle of the main canteen at work ratchets it up the scale to mortifying.

I know I’m a moron – this was established long ago, but even I was surprised by this event. Trotting along with purpose on my way to get my blissful first cuppa of the day and bugger me but my foot is suddenly shooting out from under me at an odd angle and I’m looking at it perplexed, thinking ‘well that shouldn’t be there, what are you doing foot’ and then BAM I’m flat on my face in front of every other chap also in search of their first caffeine hit.

And of course, I leapt up didn’t I, because a) I had worn a dress to work for the first time in weeks thinking my neck was sufficiently healed to allow me to walk safe in heels again, and so I flashed my pants at the canteen whilst cutting a graceful arc through the air (thank goodness it was a sensible pant choice today and not the frankly ridiculous cartoon owl pants I bought years ago whilst hungover), and b) NEWSFLASH this is not the situation to be in at work; and in LEAPING up like a cricket with a grenade up its arse I gifted myself a gigantic head rush and swiftly had to sit down again with my forehead on the nearest table.

Thankfully, albeit embarassingly, two lovely canteen ladies rushed to my aid and the nearest First Aider was marched sternly to my side by which point I was quite clear-headed and able to assure her, whilst feeling like a total berk, that I was fine apart from a mildly throbbing ankle.

And so the moral of this tale is that people are often great, and will look after people they don’t really know, and if you can hold your nerve and not cry like a 30 year old baby at the kindness strangers show to you, you can walk away from a literal fall from grace with a slight twinkle in your eye.

And hurrah! After working over 100 hours this week, James is home for the evening so VEGAN DIET BE DAMNED we are having STEAK and BEN & JERRYS, HUZZAH AND BYE BYE!

P.s another illustration that people are actually good and decent – the annual Valentines Hearts at work. This has been going on for as long as I’ve worked where I do – people pay a pound to send a balloon to a Colleague with a personalised message telling them why they love working with them. The money goes to charity. I work with good eggs, and if any of my team are reading this I love working with you even though I am bloody glad none of you witnessed my fall today because you would NEVER have let me live it down.


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