Thought for the day: Thurs 19th February 2015

An inconvenient time for your previously stinging-congested-sinus cold to switch to dripping-nose-cold is as you find yourself face down on a physiotherapy table at 7.15 on a chill Thursday morning, with your back being manipulated and your nose wedged into that uncomfortable hole you find in such tables (which seem to have been designed at least in part to limit the blood flow around your face); arms dangling off the side of said table, far too far away to be able to do anything about that very first drip that works its way to the very tip of your nose and stays put long enough for you to give significant thought to the sniff or drip condundrum. I plumped for sniff.

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One thought on “Thought for the day: Thurs 19th February 2015

  1. So you didn’t spend your time trying to relax as you were constantly worried if it would drip. Did you end up with the lovely red ring around your face from lying it in the hole. By the way your blog is more interesting than #EELive as I have wasted a year of my life I will never get back from a storyline that certainly should not give them any awards. xxx

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