Word of the Week: 27th Feb 2015

I have been blogging, nervously, for about 9 months now. Quietly, in the fairly limited realm of my family and friends. But recently I thought I might dip my toe into the wider blogging community. I’ve been following other bloggers on Twitter and having a few chats here and there.

And in the course of doing so, I have come across this blog, The Reading Residence. And I have been introduced to a jolly thing some of the bloggers out there are doing – Word of the Week. Which, as you might have guessed by its title’s Ronseal nature, involves picking a word that sums up your week and writing about it.

The Reading Residence

Ever eager to jump on the bandwagon, this is my word of the week:


Which has been shrieked at me, with fury and gusto, approximately once in every 10 minute period I have spent with my child over the past week. Very little I do, it would appear, is fair. It is not fair to offer a Custard Cream. It is not fair to take him out of the house. It is definitely not fair to bring him home. It is not fair to bath him. It is not fair to get him dressed. Or undressed. It is not fair that we ran out of Shreddies, or ordered him one of his favourite meals (besides chips) at soft play today. My hearts beats to the caterwaul of THASNOTFAIR.

I have no idea where this phrase has come from. Probably Peppa-sodding-Pig has trilled it merrily in her smug, simpering little lilt; we certainly have her to blame for our runner-up words of the week THASDIIIIIIIIISGUSTING and DISISIMPOSSIBLE.

Mind you, it is progress, it is a step more articulate than the previous expression of dissatisfaction which involved pouting, eyeballing me and uttering with menace and gravitas SAUSAGES. Although I do love him for that particular expression of dissatisfaction, for its wackiness and comedy delivery. It certainly made me laugh out of the side of my mouth much more than THASNOTFAIR does.

Here is a picture of Blake enjoying a short moment of fairness at Imagination Street today, which is just the best local soft play by a clear mile in my opinion. Do go. Just not in the week please, because it is always lovely and quiet.


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5 thoughts on “Word of the Week: 27th Feb 2015

  1. Great photograph, at the end of That’s not fair do you get Mummy 😉 wherever he’s got it from he doesn’t need to know that life isn’t fair for at least another 20 years lol. Anyway are you not cheating with your word of the week or are you calling it a smash up 😁 xxx

  2. Clearly no cheating, that’s obviously one word. It’s a real art and talent to negotiate with a totally unreasonable small person, and keep your cool! And thanks for joining in with my linky – I do hope you enjoy moving into the wider blogging community #WotW

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