I’ve been busy today! Two blogs. Unprecedented. But today we got SUNSHINE and something resembling a mild climate which, after a long, dark, soggy, grim February (MOST depressing of months), is worthy of a few words I think.

It made me immeasurably happy to look out of the Kitchen window this morning and see sunlight in the garden. It made me happier still to see washing flying on the line an hour or so later, and it made me verge on ecstatic to see James and Blake pottering and playing around the garden together.

After our stint in Singapore with its tropical climate and gorgeous November sunshine, I have found this Winter hard. Desperate for an ease in the freezing temperatures and a let-up in winds that can slice a chunk out of your face with their ferocity, I have sat and hoped and tried to fill grey day after grey day with amusing, enjoyable, stimulating activities for my child. I have frozen my arse off in what feels like the majority of Birmingham’s parks. I have honestly believed I had frost-bite on two occasions. I have gone through hundreds of boxes of tissues catching drop after drop from Blake’s nose. I have longed for a time when we can go outside and not be perished, or soaked, or coughing our little lungs up.

And finally, today, we have been gifted a crisp Spring day! THANK YOU. 

We cut a dash for the Botanical Gardens this afternoon, which I blogged about fairly recently after we spent a happy but freezing afternoon there. At our last visit, it looked (beautiful but) icy, and it hailed:

Today, it looked like this:

It was even bright enough at one point for this to happen:

We are nearly there fellow Winter-worn Mums and Dads. Spring is having a bloody good try at arriving, and with it will be a reprieve in the constantly streaming noses, the fear or Noro, the hacking chesty coughs. I hope. Now run and buy yourselves a bunch of Daffodils and start researching Summer salad recipes.

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