Word of the week: 6th March 2015

I’d like to say I have been secretly smug this week, but that would be a lie. I have been openly smug because of my word of the week.


I had honestly forgotten Thermoses existed. My Dad drives for a living and has long trundled off in the morning with a Thermos of Coffee, but by virtue of not living with my parents for years and years my mind had wiped The Thermos from existence.

Until last Friday, when a friend of mine, who has very unfortunately fractured her ankle whilst heavily pregnant *nightmare* (big love Sophie) mentioned that she had bought a Thermos so that her Husband could make her a batch of tea or coffee in the morning that would keep her going all day and prevent her having to try and get to the Kitchen on her poorly ankle.


We have a Costa concession at work, who charge the princely sum of 70p for a cup of tea. Which in itself isn’t so bad, except if like me you are essentially a Neanderthal when deprived of Tea, which ideally needs to be drip fed into your system. Then, the 70ps stack up, and before you know it you have set up residence in the Canteen and are spending £10 over 3 days.

So I have purchased the slightly phallic looking beast below, for nine hundred and ninety nine English pennis, and every morning this week I have decanted a full litre of freshly made Tea into it and slugged my way through it over the course of the day. And I find it is still steaming hot at 3.30pm. Marvellous.

I am one week in and I have not taken any money out of the cashpoint at work. My Thermos is already cash neutral. More marvellous. I anticipate this will save me somewhere between £30-£40 each month, and as you’ll know if you’re a part-time working Mum, that is a considerable amount of money.

So there you have it. My word of the week, and cause for skrimping-and-saving-celebration, is THERMOS. Now I urge you to buy one for yourself.

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