We interrupt this blog to bring you a (beauty) recipe: Sat 14th March 2015

It has been a riotous few days in the company of one of my very best friends. There have been double measure spirits consumed (I don’t think I have drunk a double since Blake was born), and chips and steak and champagne and today I am a shell of myself.

Ideally I would lie in a darkened room for the next three days, consuming only lettuce leaves, kale and water, but there’s the small matter of the three year old and masses of washing and LIFE so instead I crawled out of bed this morning, did a workout and then attempted to scrub all traces of tiredness, bad food and alcohol from my face using a home-made Peppermint body and face scrub.

I made this first in the run up to Christmas as a gift for loads of friends and family and it went down a treat with everyone. I’ve been meaning to share it on here for a while because it is quite simply the nicest body scrub I have used, it really does the trick even on my sensitive skin and face, and it is HASHTAG CHEAP.

So here you go…

Sian’s (stolen from Pinterest) Peppermint Body and Face Scrub

You will need some of this:

Having experimented a bit, I would recommend you go for something with a chunkier grain, like granulated sugar, as it roughs off dead skin better.

And then some of this:

Really you can use any oil – I’ve used Olive Oil once but couldn’t help feeling like I smelt like a chicken about to be roasted for days. Sweet Almond is certainly very well received by my skin. I bought this from Amazon because it seems like there is very little you can’t buy on Amazon this days and I do so love to support a tax dodging multinational in my spare time.

And finally some of this:

Also purchased from Amazon. Really you can use any essential oil you like. The stronger smelling the base oil you use, the more essential oil you will probably need to cover the smell. I love Peppermint because it smells fresh and zingy in the morning and wakes me up, but I have also done a soothing brown sugar scrub for my Mum using Lavender and Patchoulli, so take your pick.

What you need to do is work on the principle of double the sugar to oil. So however much oil you start with you want double the amount of sugar AT LEAST. For me, the consistency is a bit too liquid still, so I tend to bung a bit more sugar in. Mix it up until it is right for you.

Then add a couple of drops of essential oil. Be careful here folks as essential oil neat can be irritating to your skin. You want to work with drops of the stuff, not big slugs. I make in bulk, so tend to use between 6-10 drops for a great big mixing bowl of scrub, but if you are only making a small quantity then only use a very little bit of essential oil.

Stir it all together with a big wooden spoon, singing something appropriate (I’M SPINNING AROUND, MOVE OUT OF MY WAY-AY) with gusto.

Store in airtight containers. Old jam jars that have been through the dishwasher work well. Use once a week. I’m no dermatologist, but I do have fairly sensitive skin and I find this is fine if used gently on my face, but take it steady obviously, it might not work for you.

Scrub a dub.

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