Fashion Friday the 27th March 2015

It is Fashion Friday. This is a thing, in the same way that Throw back Thursday is a thing. Some of the new bloggers I’m following write about fashion on Fridays.

It is hilarious that I am attempting this really, given that fashion has been far from my radar ever since Blake appeared. In the aftermath of a three day labour and an aggressively colicy child, I felt like a turd for about 4 months. The baby weight came off thanks to utter exhaustion and feeding a child who demanded milk every two hours, but nothing fitted quite as it had done and frankly I didn’t care. I just wanted to sit in jogging bottoms on the sofa and eat Boost bars.

As time’s passed things have of course improved, but fashion stills feels far removed from me given that I have a child who has set himself a personal objective to be 6ft by the age of 12. Whatever spare cash there is goes into feeding my bottomless pit of a boy and keeping him in clothes (generally one to two sizes bigger than his age).

So I have fallen into a cycle of skrimping and saving to buy the bare essentials as when needed. New jeans when the old ones literally fall apart. A winter coat without holes in it. Socks, tights, pants. For three years there has been little thought of fashion.

So I have no fabulously stylish dress, or skinny jeans, or statement jewellery to offer you (although next week I hope to inherit a stash of clothing from one of the most stylish women I know, so who knows what will be on the cards next Friday). What I do have is this… MY HAIR.

I have a complex relationship with my hair. Today I have had a bad hair day. Basically because I have been lazy and scraped a brush through it and nothing more. And I am sure I can’t be the only woman out there who finds that if she is having a bad hair day she feels like crap. Not even the most stylish outfit going will cut it if my mop is not co-operating. 

And in reverse, if I am having a good hair day, I feel pretty fly appearance-wise. Doesn’t matter that my Breton top is by George at Asda. My hair looks niiiiiiiiice.

My friend Ashley has the most amazing hair. It is long and thick and always glossy, it is the type of hair I dream of. I have thick, wiry, coarse hay. It needs THE MOTHER OF ALL WORK to look even half way decent. Long ago, I had to accept that, given the massive psychological bearing my hair had upon me, I needed to spend cold hard cash. I am talking decent shampoo and conditioner and ideally a masque too. This had slipped somewhat of late – nothing against supermarket brands like TresSemme but they were doing nothing for my barnet and as a result I felt flat.

*FANFARE* Enter Living Proof, a discovery by Sophie (of pregnant with fractured ankle fame). I’ll put it out there – it is NOT CHEAP. But it is good. I use their Antifrizz range, and have combined this with lopping off my hair into a bob, and things are much improved. I’m feeling pretty stylish in my battered old boyfriend jeans and Nike hi-tops from the last decade.

And so here’s my secret. If you, like me, are not doing so well on the being-a-fashionable-Mum front, just invest in your hair. It’ll cost you less than a pair of jeans, and you will feel none too shabby as you buy 5 year old size jeans for your 3 year old in the local Sainsburys. The rest, I am sure, will come with time.

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I should add that this blog is inspired by and her fashionfriday Linky which I have linked to. I have however failed to wok out how to add her #fashionfriday badge to this post. Go and check her out anyway x


2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday the 27th March 2015

  1. OOh must check this brand out. Thanks for linking, #fashionfriday is actually from my style blog but no worries or about the badge, lovely to have you link. A new one is live if you fancy it. Happy Easter x

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