Word of the Week: Sunday 29th March 2015

Here we are then… Word of the Week

I am meant to include a Word of the Week badge here but I cannot seem to make it work. Boo.

This week my word is LITTLE, because sometimes little can be good.

The word that best summarises my work is overwhelmed, but I don’t really want to acknowledge that and give presence to it, I want to try and look beyond a temporary set of circumstances that are proving challenging.

Maybe it’s an unconscious self-preservation thing, but I have sought and found solace in little things this weekend. Things feel sunnier as a result, as I stand and watch the hail rocket out of the sky. You ironic creature Mother Nature.

So first off, this little one tucking into his fish pie without a word of complaint. Cracking.

  Two hours spent in the company of close friends, chatting and drinking tea. Lovely.

The matter of moving Blake up to a proper big boy bed this weekend, with lovely bedding purchased from Dunelm. One happy boy, and hopefully better sleep for all of us as he no longer routinely crashes out of bed or kicks his tiny covers off. Bloody marvellous

 Vacuum packing! A TOTAL REVELATION. Take all of the bedding, clothing, towels, muslins, blankets and playmats that you have flung under your child’s bed and into his wardrobe over three years and which has been making your eye twitch nervously for months, fold haphazardly and shove into these brilliant bags from Aldi. £2.99 for 2. SMUG BARGAIN FACE. 


 Then suck all of the air out of them with your hoover and watch in amazement as they are compressed to a third of their previous size. Woop at Husband. Care nothing for his lack of interest. Go from this: 


To this: 


Whilst at Aldi I also picked up a couple of plant pots and some Strawberry, Tomato and Pepper seedlings, and planted them this afternoon which was surprisingly therapeutic. Closing off the week with a bit of new life or some other appropriately pretentious sentiment.  

 This activity also lead to an entirely inappropriate, given the weather, bout of soaking each other with the hose-pipe that had us all screeching with laughter and shivering madly like the utter loons that we are.

Finally these, which I spotted at Dunelm and loved immediately.


And this – the largest clove of Garlic I think the world has ever seen. 


So there we are. Little things that made the week better. Little.

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3 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Sunday 29th March 2015

  1. You have been very productive Mrs M, loving the new big boy bed with a sniff and sob. Glad you had a lovely weekend and yes we sometimes overlook the small things. xxx

  2. Now I want to go to Aldi!!! And I am loving those mugs, too – stop making me want to buy things! I’m glad the little things are cheering you, and it looks like they were plenty of them 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    PS If the badge doesn’t work in it’s HTML format for you, just add a link in to me instead, no problem x

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