To Blake, as you start school

Hi sweetheart,

The big day is nearly here. On Monday you start school. I’ve washed and ironed the uniform, name-tagged like there’s no tomorrow and packed up your pump bags with PE kit and mud kitchen worthy clothing.

I’d planned to write something thought out and articulate to mark the occasion, but the reality is life is hectic right now. Your brother is 5 weeks old, I get about 3 hours of sleep a night, the house is chaos and I’m pretty sure I called your Dad Hilda last night such is my zombied state.

So I will pen you this for posterity.

We are immensly, immeasurably proud of you Blake. 

You’re ready for school. I don’t know how next week will go because it’s a big deal starting school and you’re a worrier like your Mum. But you have a curiosity about the world and a desire to learn that is a joy to watch and I think (hope) that will triumph over nerves in the coming weeks.

We’ve asked a lot of you this Summer. Max arrived and turned our world upside down. Of course, there have been times you’ve been frustrated with me and your Dad, but reflecting on it you’ve navigated it like a pro and shown us how far your confidence has come, how adaptable and grown up you are at nearly five.

In truth, to me at least, you are a delight. You’re funny and inquisitive, thoughtful and caring, wise beyond your years (and parents) in so many ways. Above all you are kind and there’s so much kindness missing from the world that it’s beautiful to see you demonstrate it so consistently without agenda.

The fact that you are ready makes me as ready as I’ll ever be to wave you through those gates on Monday. I could list off all of my hopes and dreams for you, but they’re yours to define and chase, not mine. Whatever you love, whatever subjects you pursue, whatever those hopes and dreams are, we’ll be behind you cheering you on. (Unless you choose to hunt whales or support Nigel Farage in which case we’ll chat.) Despite what’s going on with the Government, an education is one of the great privileges gifted to you through virtue of being born in the UK in 2016 and I’m so excited for you for all the things you’ll discover over the next 7 years and beyond into Secondary.

So I’ll sign off with this – I hope for nothing but the best for you, just as I have done since I first set eyes on you and just as I’ll always do.

Here we go then sweetheart. Let’s do this!

All my love,

Your shattered, hormonal, daft old Mummy


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