Take a breath

Today has been one of those days that is just downright overwhelming. No need for me to go into the ins and outs of it, you’re all human people (except if Nigel Turdage is reading this) and we all have these kinds of days. 

But safe to say that at about 2pm I felt like the walls were closing in and so I bolted for the park with Max for a quick walk to try and clear my head. Firm believer in the therapeutic walk me.

And as I looked down at this precious little guy who joined us three months ago, who beamed back up at me in his smiley way, I took a breath and gave myself a break. I realised I am bolder and braver and stronger than the daily grind often allows me to acknowledge.

I carried a child for 9 months whilst my body reacted fiercely against the process of doing so.

I’ve given birth, with all that entails, twice.

I manage the school run with a baby in tow.

I get clothes washed and dried and occasionally put away.

I feed my children.

I wake up each day and face its unknowns – the possibilities that open up, the hardships, the unexpected.

I could bleat on. You get the point. 

Brave, bold and strong. And so are you. Whether you are a parent or not, there is something deep down fierce and beautiful about the human spirit. So if you too are having a day akin to mine, please cut yourself some slack. You are remarkable – stronger, braver and bolder than you know. Lots of love x

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